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Today’s interconnected world is supposed to make gathering and using data easy. Why then, is it so often the opposite? If you’re frustrated with the costs, complexities and confusing lingo of typical data initiatives, then you’re not alone. There is a better way.

Circles are simple, social, and scalable collaboratives designed to capture meaningful data. They combine concierge services, intuitive and engaging technology, and a global, collaborative membership to assist and augment your data-driven goals of any size or complexity.

Who are Circles For?

Every healthcare practitioner sits upon their own personal trove of data. Unfortunately, most is never captured, and the rest is often irrelevant, isolated and/or clinically insignificant. Circles help practitioners identify, capture and own their “right data”, while connecting them globally to others doing the same. The resulting clinical communities and their statistically significant evidence represent powerful, cost-effective solutions for studies, trials, registries, patient marketing, reimbursement, publications, societies, presentations, clinical collaboratives and much more.

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How Do Circles Work?

Protocols and Services

It begins with a protocol. Bring your own or choose from a growing library submitted by other Members. Circle protocols are efficient, prioritizing the “right data” which when correlated, can lead to genuine clinical evidence. Our turn-key services help remove busy work, and can simplify even the more complex procedural flows. All in all, we work as a partner, not a vendor, to ensure optimal experiences for all.

Services include:  

  • Scientific Consultation and Support
  • Protocol Drafting and Revisions
  • IRB Submissions and Approvals
  • Consent and Legal Documentation
  • Patient Educational Materials
  • Account Implementation and Training
  • Establishment of Affiliated Sites and Delegates
  • Data Analyses and Exports
  • Promotions and Communications
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Technology and Privacy

Our patent-pending inCytes™ platform prioritizes patient privacy, bearing all the hallmark encryption, consent, authentication, and de-identification mechanisms required by the strictest institutions. However, these reside under intuitive and engaging interfaces which appeal to all users, from investigator, to practitioner to patient. Engaged participants mean better compliance. The platform is available on any device, no installation needed, for a low monthly subscription.

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Collaboration and Community

More data is generally better than less, but you may not want to share your hard-earned work with just anyone. Circles allow you to work privately, or to find, connect and collaborate with other investigators working on similar topics. Take advantage of our multi-lingual support, cloud-based server locations, and regular communications platform to form, curate and grow your own community of global collaborators.

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