Nicolas Tierney


Mr. Tierney is an multi-disciplinary operational executive with experience in several private healthcare companies.

In 2007, he served as Senior Director for a pharmaceutical marketing company which produced documentary patient testimonials. His responsibilities included sales, web design and development, overseeing creative processes of pre-production, filming and editing, and regulatory submission and approvals, of which he achieved a 100% success rate.

In 2013 he co-founded Nikita Group Media, a profitable digital media firm specializing in the production and monetization of short form digital video. He served as Creative Officer, producing content and websites that would ultimately serve over 200 million video and 1 billion display ad impressions.

Since 2015, he has operated as Chief Operational Officer of Regen Med, where he has overseen the creation of an international conference brand, developed the clinical data tool “inCytes” from inception, and formed the Company’s first Regenerative Medicine Center of Excellence.

Nicolas Tierney

Chief Operating Officer


BA, Bates College