Introducing Regenerative Medicine Services of France

September 7, 2021

Christian Jorgensen, M.D., Ph.D, and Rosanna Feirrera Lopez, M.D., of CHU Montpellier, Loïc Le Coz, M.D., of CosmaGap, and Marion Bertrand-Marchand M.D., of OC Santé, are forming a series of Circles aimed at standardizing orthobiologic treatments through real-world evidence. Unlike a traditional study, all clinicians will be free to use their professional judgment in the use of device, clinical protocol, and patient selection, but by aggregating and benchmarking their long-term patient outcomes, will begin answering key clinical questions surrounding various regenerative medicine produces. 

Their first Circle focused on Arthrose de Genou et traitement par PRP (or PRP for Knee OA) aims to answer key clinical questions surrounding the obtainment, processing, and delivery of PRP, including:

  • PRP and Biological Products (Tubes + Centrifuge) Used
  • Platelet and Leukocyte Quantification  Factors
  • Determine Indications/Contraindications for Use and Predictive Markers
  • Injection Locations and Frequency
  • Comparisons to Standard and Alternative Biological Approaches

The collaborative is then deploying an engaging and standardized patient follow-up regimen to collect and correlate their aggregated patient outcomes to clinical data. Patients will be active participants, equally eager to see their results compared against others when opting for such elective and novel procedures. 

This collaborative, currently titled “Regenerative Medicine Services of France” is planning to enroll its first patient in mid-September and provide a three-month update by end of year. Though three months are still early in terms of long-term follow-up, the members intend to share their methods, opinions, early evidence and an open invitation to colleagues from within and outside France to join their mission. 

To learn more about RMSF or Circles, click here.

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