Developing an Optimized Patient Portal

Regen Med was tasked with the design, development, and content production for a new patient portal. This portal, featuring interactive widgets for pathology maps, find a doctor, event calendars and consultation requests, was thoroughly optimized to help find and recruit local patients. Since its launch, both case numbers and participating clinicians have risen month after month.

In its early days, RE.GA.IN’s web presence was limited to a digital bulletin. They recognized the urgent need to produce their own website, and despite ample internal resources, entrusted Regen Med with the project. Using our affiliated development partners, we commenced a process that resulted in a highly optimized, feature-rich and yet patient-friendly website.

First, we were able to identify all of the key features of their desired site. Next, we strove to organize those features into an effective marketing funnel, driving potential patients through key phases of discovery, exploration, education and action. The resultant funnel included:

  1. Social Media Plan to find patients where they most commonly visit.
  2. Drive those patients to a simple, effective home screen, including a welcome video.
  3. Offer visitors an interactive pathology map, to help them identify whether they are candidates.
  4. Educate visitors on available Regenerative Medicine Treatments, and three viable sources of human/cell tissue products.
  5. Provide a doctor list, should patients wish to select their own provider.
  6. Promote events, in case individuals would like to learn more in person.
  7. And finally, complete a consultation form, already pre-filled based upon their selections in prior site sections.
Screenshot 2019-08-27 10.34.22

Sketches are then turned into wireframes, and then full-fidelity designs which are posted to inVision. InVision allows both us and our customers to fully review, comment and adjust these designs before any development work begins. With such detail attributed to these formative, user-experienced focused phases, development took only 1-2 months to complete.

The website has been launched since June 2019, where it has already contributed to a noticeable increase in consultations, treated patients and affiliated doctors.