Web Design & Development

We build custom web experiences that turn good impressions into quantifiable results.

Modern websites aren’t just digital business cards, they are foundations to an integrated and broad communications strategy. When well designed, they make an impression, convert it into interest, and earn a quantifiable action from your visitors. Every user second is valuable, and every detail scrutinized. This is no less true in healthcare.

At Regen Med, we combine years of clinical/scientific Regernative Medicine experience with expertise in web design and development. We work with each clinical customer to create custom web experiences which yield results from their patients and peers.

Our Work

Developing an Optimized Patient Portal


RMCE's incentivize clinicians to perform Regenerative Medicine procedures on their premises. Through the establishment of an optimized patient portal, and a personalized service desk, RMCE's can establish their very own direct patient recruitment, adding yet another strong incentive for participating clinicians.