Circles Chosen for Stem Cell-Enriched Lipofilling Patient Registry in Europe

October 6, 2021

In February 2020, RegenMed and StemMedical® signed a deal to create a Circle for their proprietary stem cell-enriched lipofilling method for breast, facial, buttock augmentation and artificial implant replacement where a mix of autologous fat and autologous laboratory-expanded stem cells ASC (adipose tissue-derived stem cells) is injected with approximately 100% fat graft survival.

The Circle has two principal objectives:

  1. To provide StemMedical® with large registry of valuable patient data, helping to demonstrate the natural effectiveness of their expanded stem cell-enriched adipose material in achieving and maintaining volume over time.
  2. To provide StemMedical® patients with an engaging, automated follow up experience which presents their results, before/after images and obtains answers to efficient satisfaction surveys for a period of up to 10 years post-operatively.

Demonstrational Only

This GDPR-compliant Circle is in currently in use by three StemMedical® licensed plastic surgeons and has already enrolled many of their patients. First patient follow-up results are a few months away.

StemMedical® is first in the world to commercially offer stem cell-based products for the cosmetic industry and is setting its sights on expanding through select countries in Europe over the next few years, where the Circle will play a pivotal role in attracting practitioners and their patients to these novel, evidence-based procedures.

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